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Session Time  Speaker Title
8:30 Registration
Chair: Stephan Weiss, Olga Shishkina9:30 Opening
Chair: Penger Tong
9:40  Michael EckertThe turbulence problem in historical perspective
10:00  Paul MannevilleLaminar-turbulent patterning in subcritical wall-bounded flows
10:20  Nicholas OuelletteCosts and benefits of social relationships in bird flocks
10:40  Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Alain Pumir
11:10  Gregory FalkovichWonders of viscous electronics
11:30  Alain PumirSmall-scale generation in turbulence
11:50  Michael WilczekDisentangling Lagrangian turbulence
12:10  Christian KüchlerExperimental observations at ultra-high Reynolds numbers
12:30  Michael SinhuberCollective behaviour of perturbed insect swarms
12:50  Lunch
Chair: Gregory Falkovich
14:00  Rahul PanditParticles and fields in superfluid turbulence
14:20  Björn HofFriction factor scaling in pipe flow
14:40  Jeremie BecDynamical buckling of inextensible fibers in turbulent flow
15:00  Mathieu GibertThe CryoLEM: A spinning cryostat to explore quantum turbulence
15:20  Prasanth PrabhakaranInfluence of supersaturation fluctuations on the droplet size distribution - an experimental study
15:40 Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Rahul Pandit
16:10  Rainer GrauerThe fluctuation determinant around instantons in turbulence
16:30  Dhawal BuariaStructure and scaling of extreme velocity gradients in turbulent flows
16:50  Theo GeiselDynamical mechanisms of information routing - or how fast can you switch your attention
17:10  Brendan PlappRecollections from a quarter century ago
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Session Time  Speaker Title
Chair: Michael Wilczek
9:00  Greg BewleyThe story of the Göttinger active grid
9:20  Bernhard MehligOrientation of a small non-spherical particle settling in turbulence
9:40  Tobias SchneiderA network of invariant solutions underlying spatio-temporal patterns in inclined layer convection
10:00  Willem van de WaterWriting in air using molecules as flow tracers
10:20  Dario VincenziPreferential sampling of elastic chains in turbulent flows
10:40  Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Dario Vincenzi
11:10  Greg VothLagrangian dynamics of fibers and vorticity in turbulence
11:30  Haitao XuLagrangian tetrad dynamics
11:50  Ewe-Wei SawExperimental results on anomalous scaling exponents of structure functions in swirling flow
12:10  Jürgen BlumSelf-organisation of dust as a way to form planets
12:30  Holly CapeloDust, wind and ice: a cold low-pressure flow facility to study ice-covered refractories in the context of protoplanetary discs
12:50  Lunch
Chair: Greg Voth
14:00  Itamar ProcacciaOscillatory instabilities in frictional granular matter and the riddle of earthquakes
14:20  Toshiyuki GotohCloud droplet growth and turbulent mixing
14:40  Will BrunnerObservations of scaling in granular convection
15:00  Nicolas MordantTurbulence in a solid: from weak to strong turbulence in a vibrating plate
15:20  Holger NobachMagic factor 10 in acceleration measurements using LDV (Just needs 10 min)
15:40 Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Itamar Procaccia
16:10  Guido BoffettaTurbulence between two and three dimensions
16:30  Victor SteinbergElastic Alfven waves in elastic turbulence
16:50  Hengdong XiScaling of the elastic range of turbulent flow with polymer additives
17:10  John de BruynDynamics of yield-stress fluids
17:30  Gerd HasenfußHeart and Brain: Why the heart fails and the brain suffers
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Session Time  Speaker Title
Chair: Guido Boffetta
9:00  Ke-Qing XiaScalar transport enhancement in turbulent flows by a stabilizing force
9:20  Karen DanielsFingering and fractals in liquid metals
9:40  Janet ScheelTime evolution of superstructures in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
10:00  Lukas ZwirnerInclined turbulent thermal convection in liquid metals
10:20  Edgar KnoblochGeostrophic turbulence and the formation of large scale structure
10:40  Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Ke-Qing Xia
11:10  Detlef LohseDouble diffusive convection
11:30  Penger TongTurbulent temperature fluctuations in Rayleigh-Benard convection
11:50  Xiaozhou HeTemperature fluctuations in the logarithmic layer of turbulent thermal convection
12:10  Dominik KrugStructures and interactions in Rayleigh-Benard turbulence
12:30  Oliver SchlenczekFlying a kite in the Doldrums - first ship-based in situ measurements with the Cloudkite
12:50  Lunch
Chair: Haitao Xu
14:00  Herman ClercxSharp transitions in rotating turbulent convection
14:20  Rudie KunnenFlow structures in rotationally constrained turbulent convection
14:40  Denis FunfschillingFlow and temperature field in rotating turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
15:00  Xuan ZhangBimodal layer in rotating thermal convection
15:20  Frederico FraternaleAt the boundaries of the heliosphere and of Earth's magnetosphere: multi-scale features of solar-wind fluctuations
15:40 Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Detlef Lohse
16:10  Robert EckeFrom pattern formation to turbulence in Rayleigh-Benard convection
16:30  Noriko OikawaPattern formation in a dense particle system with a time-lagged interaction
16:50  Mickael BourgoinSedimentation of magnetic particles
17:10  Daniela TordellaPropagation and morphology of wave packets inside channel flows
17:30 Poster session
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Session Time  Speaker Title
Chair: Karen Daniels
9:00  Katepalli SreenivasanOn loops and balls
9:20  Joerg SchumacherLarge-scale patterns in turbulent convection
9:40  Stephen MorrisRipples on icicles
10:00  Alan NewellPattern universes
10:20  Hermann RieckeNetwork evolution and synchronization in the olfactory system
10:40  Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Stephen Morris
11:10  Ingo RehbergDotriacontapoles - almost self-assembled
11:30  Alexei KrekhovElectroconvection patterns and flexodomains in nematic liquid crystals
11:50  Alain PocheauSolification of suspensions: from nanoscale forces to large scale patterning
12:10  Mogens Hogh JensenPatterns, oscillators and chaos in cell dynamics
12:30  Agnes BukaTopological defects in liquid crystals
12:50  Lunch
Chair: Agnes Buka
14:00  Walter ZimmermannActive phase separation: A universal approach
14:20  Gregor EicheleStructure and function of fluid flow in the brain
14:40  Hugues ChateDefect chaos in wet active nematics: A quantitative modeling approach
15:00  David EgolfThe chaotic dynamics of jamming
15:20  Bruno EckhardtFrom bacteria to hurricanes: condensates in 2d turbulence
15:40 Coffee break / Scientific discussions
16:10 Free time / Social events
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Session Time  Speaker Title
Chair: Bruno Eckhardt
9:00  Stefan LutherTaming "electrical turbulence" in the heart
9:20  Hyejeong KimOne-step generation of core-in-shell microcapsule
9:40  Christian SantangeloHow to pack twisted strings
10:00  Jose NegretePattern formation in zebrafish embryos
10:20  Kaumudi PrabhakaraCells "remember" hunger
10:40  Coffee break / Scientific discussions
Chair: Stefan Luther
11:10  Ramin GolestanianPattern formation in active colloids
11:30  Marco TarantolaMechanics and dynamics of amoeboidal adhesion
11:50  Yong WangModeling helps failing heart to regenerate
12:10  Vladimir ZykovSpiral wave initiation, dynamics and control
12:30  Evelyn TangControl and localization of a stochastic particle in a flow-field
12:50  Lunch
Chair: Ramin Golestanian
14:00  Carsten BetaDynamical patters in the cortex of motile cells
14:20  Danica WyattFractional microablation global tissue regeneration
14:40  Isabella GuidoReconstitution of synthetic cilia
15:00  Azam GholamiSpatial heterogeneities shape collective behavior of signaling amoeboid cells
Chair: Alain Pumir15:20  Closing

Video by Xuan Zhang: Instantaneous flow field (streamlines colored by vorticity) of fast rotating Rayleigh-Benard convection in a cylindrical cell.